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Coordinates with a group of construction C Level Executive List businessmen the promotion of a criminal case for extortion and threats against a powerful and questioned trade unionist. There C Level Executive List the then minister launches the phrase intended to cause a scandal in case it was leaked (and it was): «Believe me that if I could have –and I am going to deny this to you anywhere– if I could have a Gestapo, a force Onslaught to C Level Executive List wipe out all guilds, I would." Today the justice investigates the case, xx and so far from xxi.

Since the democratic C Level Executive List transition of 1983, there have been several reforms, but none have managed to reconcile the intelligence needs of a modern State with the basic principles of constitutional democracy: secrecy is necessary for the effectiveness of intelligence C Level Executive List activities, but it opposes the transparency and publicity. All systems deal better or worse with this dilemma, which is also paradoxical since States also require information to protect democracy. Not even the most robust republics, and even C Level Executive List less so the Latin American ones, are free from scandals of politicization of intelligence agencies;

On the contrary, there are C Level Executive List many cases of services that become autonomous and take advantage of their clandestine nature, from the illegal sale of information to individuals to direct participation in criminal In Argentina, two types of problems are present: politicization and self-employment. But it is not impossible to find the C Level Executive List balance. Academia and various non-governmental organizations have published extensively on the subject.two. An abbreviated menu of what needs to be done includes: deconcentration of the various intelligence activities; internal control of each area; prohibition of non-police organizations to carry out criminal C Level Executive List intelligence, except in cases of threats to the security of the State or the democratic system; transparency of external control.
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